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friends in the


since 1983

My Friends Tavern

Starters Appetizers Salads

Large French Fries $5.95

Small French Fries $3.95

add cheese sauce $1.00

Large Onion Rings $5.95

Small Onion Rings $4.50

Southern Fried Chicken

Tenders with Bar-B-Q or

Ranch Dip $7.95

Fried Redhook Ale Shrimp

with Fries and Cocktail

Sauce $9.75

Bar-B-Q-Ranch Quesadilla

cheddar, pepper jack,

cowboy bar-b-q, ranch

spread and bacon $6.95

add chicken $9.95

Chesapeake Crab Cakeson

spring greens with garlic

vinaigrette &lemon mayo $9.95

Best Wings on Main Street

hot stuff, cowboy, bar-b-q, or

honey mustard $8.95

Sliders Duo crab cake with

grilled tomato, greens & lemon

mayo and kobe slider with colby

jack & avocado ranch $8.95

Reef and River Sliders Duo

crab cake with grilled tomato,

greens & lemon mayo and a

salmon slider with apple-pear

butter & cheddar $10.95

Garden Salad salad greens,

tomato, red onion, bacon and

cheddar $7.95

Georgia Belle Salad salad

greens, cheddar, bacon, red

onion, spiced pecans and

marinated chicken $10.95

Fresh Mozzarella Pearls on

Fresh Spinach with Garlic

Vinaigrette, Tomato, Black

Pepper& Pine Nuts $8.95

Salmon Burger Salad Plate

on salad greens with tomato,

avocado, red onion & avocado

ranch $10.95

Half Avocado with White Tuna

Salad and Salsa Rosada $8.95

Classic Wraps Signature Wraps

1 marinated chicken, colby jack, bacon, lettuce,

chipotle mayo and ranch spread $7.95

2 white tuna salad, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato,

red onion and parmesan dressing $8.75

3 white tuna salad with fresh spinach, tomato,

red onion and avocado ranch $8.75

4 turkey, colby jack, chipotle mayo, lettuce

and tomato $7.95

5 turkey, ranch spread, grated parmesan, tomato,

lettuce and red onion $7.95

6 turkey, apple-pear butter, cheddar and swiss

cheeses with lettuce $7.95

7 homemade salmon burgers, cheddar, applepear

butter, lemon dill mayo & lettuce $10.50

8 homemade salmon burgers BLT- lettuce, tomato,

bacon and ranch spread $10.50

9 shaved prime rib, swiss cheese, zydeco sauce,

lettuce, tomato and red onion $9.95

10 marinated chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato,

spicy avocado spread and red onion $8.95

11 turkey, fresh spinach, colby jack, bacon, tomato

and ranch spread $8.95

12 turkey, bacon, colby jack, pepper jack, lettuce,

tomato, red onion and avocado ranch $9.95

13 peppered homemade salmon burgers and garlic

vinaigrette dressed spring greens with red

onion and avocado $10.95

14 Steak Melt Wrap hot shaved prime rib,

fried onion, mushrooms, american cheese and

horseradish cream sauce $9.95

15 Dijon Steak Melt Wrap hot shaved prime rib,

mayonnaise, dijon, black pepper, grilled

tomato, red onion and swiss cheese $9.95

Wraps are available on honey wheat, tomato

or spinach

BLT wraps are on the next page

All menu items available for take out

Mini Prime on toast with brown gravy and french fries

or mashed potatoes. A menu mainstay for

over 30 years $9.95

Hot Shaved Prime Rib on a Kaiser Roll with Brown Gravy $8.95

with cheese $9.95

Hot Shaved Prime Rib Platter closed face with brown gravy

and french fries or mashed

potatoes $9.95

Chicago-Chicago hot shaved prime rib roll with fried onions,

green peppers and provolone $9.95

Steak Melt hot shaved prime rib with fried onions, green

peppers, provolone and horseradish sauce on

a steak roll $8.95

Cheesesteak with american cheese $8.95

Mini Cheesesteak (beef or chicken) $5.95

Philly-Philly steak sandwich with fried onion, green peppers

and garlic with cheddar and provolone $8.95

Rattlesteak steak sandwich with spicy avocado spread,

bar-b-q fried onions, pepper jack & colby jack


Famous Beef Sandwiches

1 fried onion, sweet peppers and colby jack $8.95

2 bar-b-q sauce, fried onions and american cheese $8.95

3 Hot Damn Chicken Steak chilotle mayo, creamy hot sauce,

& pepper jack, our bestseller $8.95

4 Hot Damn Too! spicy avocado spread, creamy hot sauce,

colby jack and grilled tomato $8.95

5 chicken cheesesteak $8.50

6 plain chicken steak $7.75

Chicken Cheesesteaks

Choose white, rye, wheat bread or a wrap

BLT bacon, lettuce and tomato on toast with

mayonnaise $7.50

BLTT BLT with turkey $8.95

Straight Flush Club shaved prime rib & cheddar

triple decker classic $9.95

Royal Flush Club turkey triple decker classic $8.95

Full House Junior Club turkey, colby jack, avocado

lettuce, tomato, red onion

and bacon $6.95

Deuces Wild tuna, fresh spinach, avocado, tomato

and red onion $8.95

The Ace Italian marinated chicken, mushrooms,

green peppers, grilled tomato and

provolone on a buttered & toasted roll


The Mellow Moose Sandwich Classics

Choose white, rye, wheat bread or a wrap

1 marinated chicken, spicy avocado spread and

cheddar BLT on toast $8.95

2 turkey, colby jack and chipotle mayo BLT on

toast $9.50

3 pepper jack and avocado ranch BLT on toast


4 marinated chicken, provolone and mayonnaise

with a touch of black pepper BLT on toast


Beyond BLT (BBLT)

Consuming raw, uncooked or undercooked meats, eggs

or seafood may increase the risk of food borne illness


Burgers include chips, substitute french fries for $2.95 extra

4 ounce burgers $5.75 8 ounce burgers $8.75

Tavern Burger fried onion, steak sauce, american, lettuce,

tomato and bacon

Ranch Burger american, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion

and ranch spread

Southwest Burger bar-b-q sauce, fried onion, cheddar

and pepper jack chesses

Riverside Saloon Burger - fried onion, garlic, green pepper,

and provolone

New Orleans Burger cajun spice, provolone, lettuce,

tomato, red onion and zydeco sauce

London Pub Burger mushrooms, swiss, bacon, lettuce,

tomato and horseradish sauce

The 57 Burger heinz 57 sauce with american, colby jack

and bacon

Sundance Kid 8 ounce burger with bar-b-q sauce, pepper

jack, colby jack, lettuce, tomato, spicy

avocado spread and topped with fried

onion rings $8.95

Moose Melt 8 ounce burger with fried onions, american

and swiss cheeses on toasted rye $8.50

Skillet Burger 8 ounce burger(no roll) on a bed of fried

onion, muhrooms & green pepper, topped

with roasted onion-garlic butter with

provolone and swiss chesses $8.75

Trail Stop Burgers

Three sliders on soft rolls

American Kobe Sliders steak sauce, black pepper

and swiss cheese $8.95

American Kobe Sliders cheddar cheese and red

onion $8.95

American Kobe Sliders colby jack, lettuce, tomato

avocado ranch $9.50

American Kobe Sliders Combo mix & match $8.95

Ranch and Reef any two kobe sliders and a crab

cake with grilled tomato, greens

& lemon-dill mayonnaise $10.95

Tavern Dip Sliders shaved prime rib topped with

provolone and served with

beef au jus $9.95

Sensational Sliders

Homemade with ground beef, Italian sausage and a

touch of hot sausage on an Italian roll

1 tomato sauce, parmesan and fresh mozzarella

Small $5.95 Large $8.95

2 tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & green pepper

Small $6.50 Large $9.25

3 tomato sauce, fried onion, green pepper,

parmesan and provolone

Small $ 6.50 Large $9.25

Signature Homemade Italian Meatballs

Cola Diet Cola Lemon Up Ginger Ale Birch Beer Lemonade Hot Tea

Homemade Unsweetened Iced Tea Coffee Decaf Coffee Juice

Hot Chocolate (seasonal)


Trails End Burgers